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What is the Swiggy Clone App?

Swiggy Clone App is a ready-made food ordering and delivery app pre-laden with significant features and functionalities, similar to the popular food delivery business Swiggy. The solution can be personalized end-to-end to make it go in line with your business model. It can be white-labeled, tweaking the branding elements like logo, color scheme, and more. Customizing a white-label solution helps you launch your food delivery business venture instantly, along with saving time and money significantly. A cutting-edge application to be a part of the booming business trend!

Why Does It Make Sense

Standing out from the cutthroat competition is crucial to staying on top of business throughout your operations. Our App like Swiggy ensures the same, offering a whole lot of perks. Take a sneak peek at them below.

End-to-End customizable; Anything and everything can be modified.

Completely brandable with your brand name, logo, UX design, etc.

Available in both iOS and Android versions.

Holistically prebuilt and highly scalable solution.

Tailor-made for a unique Online Food Ordering System.

Impeccable track record with a 100% business success rate.

A centralized admin panel facilitating effortless management of the Swiggy clone.

360° support right from conception to post-deployment.

Highlighted Features

Live Tracking

Suffuse a sense of supreme control by accrediting your users to receive real-time location updates about their orders, besides their delivery status, such as 'On Process,' 'Dispatched,' 'Delivered,' etc.

Advanced Search Bar

Nail down your favorite food by seamlessly sailing over an ocean of available food items through an intuitive search bar that's pivoted with diverse filtering and sorting elements.

Push Notifications

Edify your users with the latest updates about their orders, delivery, and promotional activities like exclusive offers, discounts, and celebratory sale days through the in-app push notifications.

Multiple Payment Options

Flood your users with the ability to pay through a multitude of payment options ranging from debit/credit cards, UPI, net banking, and even a rechargeable electronic wallet that are integrated in the App like Swiggy.


Entitle your users to save a captivatingly cooked food item for the future as they can promptly add it to the Favorites list and order at a later time. A spectacular technique to supersize your order rate!

Order History

Reordering becomes a piece of cake as users can limitlessly access the entire list of previously ordered food items along with their transaction history.

Payment Invoice

A comprehensive invoice with precise charges and taxation breakdown is generated and sent to the user through in-app notifications or email for every single successful order made.

Promo & Coupons

Increase your business traction by flattering your customers with various promotional offers and coupon codes. Alternatively, exclusive offers of third-party firms can also be proffered.

Order Cancellation

Want to give your taste-buds a rest? No worries, as customers can instantly cancel their orders within a few taps for valid reasons and request a refund without a twitch.

Reviews and Ratings

Empower your users to express their genuine opinions about a particular food item or your service's swiftness in general through the separate ratings and review field present in the app.

Who Can Use

Our Swiggy Alternative for their Business?

Single Restaurants

Foray into the remunerative online space and tap the unexplored markets due to conventional constraints. With a perfect package of a superlative website, iOS and Android App, leveraging a massive user base in the Online Food Ordering System.

Food Marketplaces

Become the amazon of the food delivery industry by aggregating profit from multiple streams - all through facilitating seamless online ordering, delivery, and tracking functionality. A business silo with tremendous demand and a ceaseless customer base!

Food Joint Chains

Converge the perks and offerings of a myriad number of restaurants in a single touchpoint that will clear the way for amplifying your business operations and intensifying customer loyalty. An able complement to the physical food joint chains!

Superlative Features Of Our Swiggy Alternative

Customer App

Swift Registration

Users can storm into the online food delivery platform by entering their email address/phone number or social media credentials.

Browse Restaurants

Girded with an advanced search bar, customers can immaculately steer forward over an ocean of food items and the respective restaurants .

Add to Cart

Customers can add the food items available in the restaurant into the cart, succeeding in a superfast checkout process.

Schedule Delivery

Marinate a dab of regularity by scheduling delivery of a specific order based on a customer's convenience.

Track Orders

Customers can keep track of their orders by receiving live location updates through in-app notifications.


Being afforded with ceaseless access to the order history, reordering becomes a child's play as customers.

Rapid Onboarding

Delivery executives can kick start their activities instantaneously by entering their phone number or smart credentials.

Delivery Planner

Armed with an in-app automated planner functionality that prioritizes delivery requests in real-time.

Route Optimization

Delivery executives are accredited with only the most optimized route that's devoid of any traffic or unusual blockades.

Availability Toggle

By a single tap in the toggle button, the delivery executives can express their availability status.

Accept/Reject Orders

Delivery executives are authorized to agree or disagree with any delivery requests assigned to them and can flag.

Push Notifications

The moment an order is placed, the delivery executive is appraised through push notifications that consist.

Delivery Executive App

Restaurant Panel

Restaurant Profile

The entire interpretation of the restaurant from a customer perspective can be diligently altered by modifying the profile details.

Manage Menu

Restaurant managers can willingly add/delete/block any of the features and offerings of their digital menu based on.

Order Notifications

In the view of expediting the preparatory process, restaurant managers are relentlessly updated with alerts.

Order Management

Equipped with a powerful Online Food Ordering System, the restaurant managers can monitor crucial metrics allied.

Finance Corner

Restaurant managers can keep track of the cash-on-delivery (COD) payments besides direct access to the entire.


In order to elevate their business traction, restaurants can intently devise propaganda strategies by providing.

Master Dashboard

Admins are endorsed with a wall-to-wall view over the app's entire business proceedings, making management.

Menu Management

Menus of individual restaurants at their totality can be intently configured by the admin, based on various.

Product Management

Admins are authorized to add/remove/delete any food item of any cuisine and price range and update the chunks.

Customer Management

The comprehensive suite of customer data can be readily accessed and exported by the admin for quality.

Category Management

Admins can deliberately cluster certain products into various categories in the view of escalating their.

Order Management

Through an App like Swiggy you can see live updates regarding the entire series of order metrics, such as the number.

Admin Panel


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