Window Azure Service

Window Azure Service

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms as of age and offers whole range of functionalities as for database development and scalability, apps administration, robust Virtual Machines for hosting your computing requirements seamlessly and advanced analytics cum metrics of desired value! Microsoft Azure software development platform supports all of the needs, if customized correctly. Windows Azure cloud application developer Elsner is aware of the intricate conditioning of Azure so that you do not miss the bandwagon! Azure offers the following –

  • Websites and application deployment – Elsner offers Windows Azure cloud application development of custom value to suit your initiatives.
  • Virtual Machines – for Windows and Linux server/OS platforms.
  • Managed Relational SQL database services.
  • Machine learning and analytics.
  • Backend mobile app administration.
  • Elsner professionals are adept in Windows Azure cloud development services and ensure that the max is delivered to your favor from the high functionality space of Windows Azure app development!
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    Services Features

    Websites and app. deployment
    Virtual Machines Manage
    Managed Relational SQL
    SQL database services.
    Database applications
    cloud application development

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